wedding favor

The wedding favor (bomboniera)

The word “bomboniera” (wedding favor) comes from the Frenchbombonnièrewith which indicated a small box containing bonbons .

wedding favor

The wealthy people of the time flaunt small boxes containing these treats. Only in 1400, arrives in Italy the custom of exchanging gifts between the families of the bride and groom offering small gifts such as boxes or ceramic plates.

ceramic wedding plate favor

During the 1700s in Italy we introduce the use of candy and sweets to give to guests. Recent is the great variety of forms and subjects used for these small gifts: bags , silver objects , stoneware or ceramic or paper boxes.

Wedding Favor

wedding favors

The perfect number of confetti is 5 to symbolize health, fertility, longevity, wealth and happiness. There is a large selection of wedding favors, even among the less used items. Little bottles of oil, organic honey, books, paintings or prints,bonsai, coffee cups… Each couple chooses their wedding favors based on the theme of the wedding,style and budget. Use your imagination and impress your friends and family with a small gift that remains to remember the day of your marriage!


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Pics: web/ilbiancoeilrosa (courtesy of Leonardo Giannini PH)