The wedding day timeline

Organizing an event is complex and at the same time always new and exciting . The venue, catering, wedding dress, invitations, wedding favors … after thinking 90% of the organization, there remains a 10% very important to get a good result: the WEDDING DAY TIMELINE.

regia eventoThe wedding day timeline is essential. On the big day you should consider variables such as a bride on delay or a relative late with a mishap . I always start well in advance and create a plan B. Usually a week before the wedding i meet bride and groom in order to build together this timeline: i have to write down times of arrival of the hairdresser or the photographer or the driver.

timing matrimonio

The day of the event the team ilbiancoeilrosa is divided between the bride’s house , the church or town hall and the location so as to ensure its presence to coordinate suppliers and manage any problems. The timeline is important for the catering or restaurant because it helps to manage the time of the buffet, dinner or lunch placée and the wedding cake. A cut of the cake right on time and not later than 11 p.m. is important especially when there are guests invited after dinner, and offers the chance to decide whether to continue with dancing and open bar or greet the newlyweds and go home . In case you have chosen lunch the timeline allows you to avoid ending up drinking coffee at sunset … what may seem poetic and romantic but not if you are sitting by lunch time !

perfect timing

A perfect wedding day timeline will make your event enjoyable for everyone, the party dynamic and well-planned . If you want to organize your wedding on your own , but want to be sure of a good result and a very good timing I recommend a service called Wedding Day Coordinator. No need to delegate friends and family and ilbiancoeilrosa will make sure that everything is as you dreamed !


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