wedding in the countryside

How our blog was set up

A blog to talk about weddings and events, trends and traditions.

My blog was set up on a hot September day, while I was indulging myself with a short break from everything at the sea-side, in Tuscany. I remember I could hear crickets in the background while I was working on it.

It felt like the perfect time for an afternoon little siesta, or for a nice relaxing chat with my girlfriends, in the cool shadowy cloak of the pine forest.

I would really like this blog to become a place where we could all talk about weddings and ceremonies, new trends and old traditions...just like friends do; and, of course, a place where we could talk about the big day, the day most women dream of: the wedding day.

You might be wondering why you should talk about this with me in particular.

Because I am totally passionate about weddings, fascinated by the magic and the emotions that one can feel on such a big day.

And for me to be able to recreate over and over again what I experienced myself a few years ago, I decided I wanted to become a professional wedding planner.

My travels, specialised (and non-specialised) magazines, hours spent surfing on the Internet….everything becomes an inspiration to me.

Because to be able to arrange the perfect wedding, it is necessary to look after every single detail.

Let’s embark on this journey together.

We will be talking about new trends, real stories, the world as seen from a wedding planner’s point of view.

Talk to you soon,

With love ♥