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When talking about Tuscany and the most popular tourist routes in this region, what springs to mind is Florence and the Chianti area… However, Lucca is yet another town which offers a lot in terms of sightseeing. With its narrow streets, churches and historic buildings, its famous walls, amazing art and architecture, Lucca makes the perfect setting for a romantic and fashionable wedding.

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People from abroad who wish to get married in Lucca, will have the chance to stay at cosy stylish hotels, or in flats; otherwise they could choose an accommodation up in the hills nearby, where they would get the chance to relax in private villas or holiday farms with a pool. ilbiancoeilrosa can arrange for the couples a number of wedding packages, always creating unique and original events.

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Once you get to Tuscany, after landing in Florence or Pisa airport, you can easily reach Lucca by using a private shuttle or by train. When you arrive, you will immediately feel at ease and be captured by its picturesque spots, delicious food and the many cultural events available all year. We can arrange for you and your guests cooking classes, wine tasting at famous cellars, excursions in the countryside, and guided tours to the wonderful historic villas.Do not forget to ask us to organise a pizza party for your guests, it will definitely be much appreciated by everyone!

With regards to civil partnership, it could take place either at Palazzo Orsetti, a gorgeous building in the very heart of Lucca, or in private villas which have an agreement with the city hall; however, should you wish to celebrate it somewhere else, we will be more than happy to arrange alternative venues. The wedding reception can be held in villas, holiday farms, typical restaurants, venues along the coast.

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sposarsi a lucca


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In cooperation with our team of professionals (florists, musicians, chefs, people responsible for catering, etc.), ilbiancoeilrosa will offer you a tailor made full package to reflect your taste. We can create different kinds of ambiences: country, shabby chic, medieval, vintage…It will be our pleasure to choose with you the underlying theme of your event, to then present it in every detail: table setting, flower arrangement and fancy sweet-boxes… ilbiancoeilrosa will advise and support you according to your budget and needs, to make your stay and wedding day unforgettable.

sposarsi a lucca


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