The centerpiece

Ideas and inspiration for the wedding reception decoration

Once you have chosen the style and the “mood ” for your marriage you  just have to apply it in every decorative detail. First choose the the table (round, oval , rectangular, imperial .. ) then your “ mise en place” by carefully choosing the plate, glasses, table linen fabric. Finally, think about the centerpiece. A good florist will evaluate the space at his disposal for the floral arrangement so not result excessive, bulky or too small. The centerpiece should not hinder the conversation between guests and must be above or below the eye line. Choose flowers with a delicate fragrance as not to disturb your guests during dinner.


If the style is traditional are fine silver candelabra adorned with flowers at the base, if the style is contemporary clean lines boater as glass jars or materials such as steel and plexiglass.


Candles are essential for the dinner to create a romantic atmosphere and intimate.


Take inspirations from the web for flowers and centerpieces, for every budget and style. Your wedding will be researched, original and in line with your desires.


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Photo: web, ilbiancoeilrosa (courtesy of Morlotti Studio), web