father and bride

The father of the bride

The father of the bride has a prominent role in the wedding day: to accompany his daughter to the altar. Those few meters are certainly among the most exciting that a father can live.

What are a few tips to follow for the entrance into the Church or in the City Hall?

The bride makes her entrance on the left arm of her father. Behind her bridesmaids, if any, or the wedding planner will place the train or hold the veil.

On reaching the altar or at the communal table, the father will lift the veil and possibly shake hands at future son looking into his eyes and then go and sit in the front row to the left of the aisle or in one sitting in the front row on the left.


“Like all little girls I dreamt when I was five,

of marrying a man who had my daddy’s eyes.

Of knowing he would love me and keep me safe from harm,

who had his sense of humor and almost all his charm.

And so for all your worry and all your loving care,

the woman I’ve become holds you very dear.

No one can replace you in this whole wide world

and after I am married I’ll still be daddy’s girl.”

the father of the bride

here comes the bride


bride and father


Talk to you soon,

With love ?