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The Wedding Cake, traditions and new trends

“Among the oldest wedding traditions is the cake, almost certainly because wheat and other grains, seeds and nuts are universal symbols of fertility. In the 1800s, wedding cakes reached their literal high point in Europe and the United States. The cake for the 1871 marriage of Queen Victoria’s daughter Pricess Louise stood five feet high and weighted almost 225 pounds. The 1947 wedding of Princess Elizabeth and the duke of Edinburgh featured a four-tiered cake decorated with, among other things, sugar replicas of Buckingham Palace and Windsor and Balmoral Castles.

Wedding cakes are still the visual focal point of many receptions. The traditional cake is round or square, multi-tiered, and frosted in white or pale pastels. But there’s no real limit on the size, shape, color and style.

Some couples slip the cake cutting and serve individual cake to guests. Or, instead of one huge cake, they opt for several smaller cakes in different flavors, shapes and sizes. At a small wedding, multiple cakes can serve double duty as centerpieces. Guests can travel around the room and sample different cakes. What a great way to mingle and meet other guests!

It’s perfectly fine to display a frosted cardboard or foam-core “faux” cake and serve slices of real cake from the kitchen. You can go crazy with an elaborate design and no one has to worry about how to cut a monstrous cake.

The cost of the cake will depend on the quantity required, the cake size, the relative simplicity or elaborateness of the decoration, and who does the baking. A custom-designed, professionally basked cake can cost thousand of dollars. As wedding have become more elaborate, the expenses have increased. Today, the wedding cake can be a significant part of the wedding budget.” Emily Post, wedding etiquette (fifth edition)

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wedding cake

Regarding italian traditions and trends after a few years of cake design now we are back to the “millefoglie” typical cake but with the new trend of the show cooking: the cake is garnished with cream and fruit by the patissier in front of the guests. Beautiful to see, delicious and also a pretty way to entertain.

Millefoglie italian cake

Italian wedding cake

Show cooking cake

Italian wedding cake

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The presentation of the cake is an event itself so make sure it looks just right with his own table, perfect decorations and a light appropriate to let the photographer catch a stunning picture of this magic moment!

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