Wedding Day Coordinator

It takes months for the wedding preparations, the bride usually research details and decorations for the wedding, you visit locations, you choose suppliers. But when you approach the date of the big day, you realize that all the preparations must put “on stage” on the wedding day by delegating friends and relatives. Who puts the booklets on the pews? Who takes care to wash the rice, so do not let the ugly white halo on the groom’s attire? Who place the tableau, menus and name cards? There are so many details to take care during the day and engage a guest with these tasks is not pleasant …

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It is for this reason that I offer a service called Wedding Day Coordinator. I meet the couple a month before the wedding and they explain me what they have dreamed up for their event. I help with the final preparations, relieving them from the stress of finals and compile the TIMING of the event. The wedding day I am at their disposal from morning until late evening to mark the times, help the bride, prepare the decorations.

wedding day coordinator

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If you’ve spent months preparing your perfect day and you want to be sure that everything is as you have always dreamed write me for more information, I will be glad to help you!


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