Wedding Services

ilbiancoeilrosa wedding planner arranges weddings in Lucca, Tuscany and all over Italy.

ilbiancoeilrosa can offer several services, from general consultation with respect to the whole organization to à la carte services.

Finding the right venue

Those who already know what they are looking for, are one step ahead. Or maybe not. We have a tendency to being optimistic; however, we work without neglecting being realistic. The medieval castle that you had in mind, may turn out being less romantic than you thought, the room that you eyed up might actually be too small considering the number of guests, and the stunning villa that you meant to rent could actually be already taken. It will be our pleasure to turn your ideas into reality; we will find the right suppliers for you and make sure that you can get what you want.

Coordinating the big day

Do you store objects in relative boxes, and clothes according to colour? Is your agenda constantly up to date? Well, in that case, you are scrupulous and well organized like us. If you have decided to arrange your wedding by yourself, we cannot blame you! Although we are sure that on your wedding day, you will have much more urgent things to deal with than the wedding schedule, the suppliers to coordinate and anything unexpected. No stress whatsoever is the perfect scenario, isn’t it? Well, we will make sure that this is the case, and your mom also will definitely be able to enjoy the ceremony as all the other guests.

Wedding Design

Not only are we very organised, we are also great fans of beauty in general. We plan every single detail in advance. By using our skills and employing professional suppliers, we will make your wedding ceremony unique: the invites, the decorations, all settings will be about you. The guests will be impressed.

Dealing with bureaucratic stuff

When it comes to bureaucratic stuff, all the magic seems to fade away. This is why my staff and I will support you in dealing with papers. We will find out about what to do and how to proceed. So that these less romantic aspects of your wedding, will be dealt with smoothly and quickly.

Finding the right church

Most of you know exactly what they want when it comes to the church. You might want to use the church you used to go to when you were a child, for example. However, should you be in doubt or only have little time available, we will be happy to help. Our experience will be at your service and we will find the right place. All you will have to do afterwards is say I do.

Hotels and accommodation for the guests

Many guests from different places, lots of friends ready to party… Finding the best accommodation for everyone may turn out being a little stressful. It might also take up a lot of your time. Should you feel nervous about it, we will look for the hotels, agriturismi, B&B and private villas able to satisfy everyone’s needs. Without neglecting the budget in question.

Car rental for Bride and Groom

The most romantic ones dream of a horse-drawn carriage, the sportiest ones would like a 400 cc two-seater. We have no preferences: from vintage cars, to luxury cars, we will be able to help in choosing the right vehicle. You will just have to sit back and relax.


ilbiancoeilrosa are well organised by nature. We plan, set and coordinate 24h a day and, yes, we have a lot of fun! That’s why we are the most suitable people for the transfer of your guests. We will arrange shuttles and buses from and to the venue and to the airport if needed, as well as the most famous Tuscanian resorts.

Invites and party favors

Invites are your wedding’s business cards, the party favors the first cadeau for the guests: they say a lot about your personality and the event’s atmosphere. This is why they are both very important. We will make sure that they represent you and are memorable, just like your special day.

Finding the perfect gown and suit

Some women have been dreaming about their wedding gown since when they were little girls. Whichever your rapport with the wedding dress, it is always an important step: my staff and I will assist you in finding the dress at selected ateliers.

Bridal Stylist

From hair to make up, from jewelry to shoes, every single detail will have to look pleasant and well balanced. ilbiancoeilrosa know that. We will properly advice you, highlighting your natural beauty and respecting your taste and inclinations.

Flowers and decorations

Flower arrangements, centerpieces, floral design, bouquet: choosing the flowers is an important moment in wedding planning. The season in question affects the choice, and most brides and grooms do not actually have a precise idea of what they would like. Consulting a professional is fundamental: based on the style and the colours chosen, my staff and I will be able to recommend the most suitable flowers for the decorations of both ceremony and reception.

Wedding rings and jewelry

The wedding rings are a true symbol of your union: hence the usual ring may not quite suit you. Should you wish to have a special ring, one which represents you, we have just what you need: a selection of the best artisans capable of creating just what you had in mind.

Catering and banqueting

Excellent food, impeccable service and smooth organisation: these are the three qualities that should characterise all caterings. ilbiancoeilrosa take them very seriously. We accurately select food & beverage suppliers: no unpleasant surprises. Only nice ones!

Wedding cake and sugared almonds

We love looking after every detail. Scenographic wedding cakes, tempting sweet tables and beautiful sugared almonds, will be the most successful completion to your unforgettable ceremony. After all, pastries and sweets are definitely the best icing on the cake at banquets!

Music and live shows

String quartets, dj sets… A specific choice has to be made when it comes to music. Especially if you are looking for a particular atmosphere. We offer a wide selection of bands and musicians.

Honey moon

Once the guests have left, your new life together starts. The best way to embark on it, is to go on a trip. Wedding planners know how important it is to organise the honey moon in detail. We will therefore recommend the best tour operators in Tuscany: agencies that we trust will make your honey moon unforgettable.

On line wedding list and wishing list

Even though the wedding list is a quite recent thing, it is becoming more and more popular by the minute. Also, we must say that it is very useful: it helps avoiding doubles, maximizing resources, making it easy for the guests to choose something – “Are they going to like it? Do they have it already?”. However, if you think you might end up getting not exactly what you wanted, or if you have doubts regarding timing and practical aspects of a wishing list, my staff and I will be happy to help.

Original ideas for the wedding

You would definitely have no problem with choosing the present for your better half. Or maybe not; because the wedding is a special event and the expectations are very high. Should the right idea have not arrived yet, we will help with original suggestions.

Babysitting and kids entertainment

Every single guest has to be welcomed and pampered according to their nature and needs. Children need particular attention and care. If you are expecting a lot of kids to attend your wedding, we can help. We can arrange baby sitters and entertainers to look after them. Magic tricks and games will be arranged. Happy children, happy parents.

Here at ilbiancoeilrosa, we think that every wedding is a unique adventure. We offer from just consultation to full organization. You will be able to fulfill your requests by choosing from the various à la carte services: we will arrange a tailor made ceremony which reflects your needs. Contact us and we will be happy to tell you everything about it.

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