Ilaria and Lorenzo, a chic wedding at the Borgo

Ilaria and Lorenzo are two special guys, sweet and elegant, and their wedding was as special as they are. Starting from the color palette, white, gold and powder blue.

The Catholic ceremony was held in their intimate church in Serravalle Pistoiese.

The bride arrived with her father in a vintage Mercedes.

For the reception, they chose a beautiful renovated borgo, with a large swimming pool and a former barn as reception room, for the occasion set up in an eclectic way, with white wooden tables and tables covered with gold tablecloths and decorated with both impressive vintage candlesticks and precious crystal transparent candelabra.

The bride and groom were beautiful, with Blumarine dress her and Sartoria Rossi him.

The banquet was carefully chosen, from raw fish to the handmade sugared almond table.

During the cutting of the cake Mina sang “You burst inside my heart”, dedication romantic and timeless.

The photos are by Facibeni Fotografia and the video by Marco Abba.