Eleonora and Luca’s Wedding, Villa Grabau

A couple totally in love with pastries and sweets could only choose cakes as the “theme” for their wedding.
The magnificent Villa Grabau, the venue of Eleonora and Luca’s wedding, was full of cakes and sugar biscuits.
A multi-story cake served as Tableau de Mariage, mini cakes were place on each table as centerpieces and a biscuit, shaped like a cake, was the cadeau chosen by the couple for the guests.

Tables were named after famous cakes and cakes from Lucca as well.
The limonaia was then lit up in pink after dinner, for the cake cut. The cake was skillfully decorated by Toni of Le Torte di Toni.
The photographer Massimiliano Morlotti, came all the way from Como just for this wedding taking place in one of the most beautiful historic villas in Lucchesia.