Sasha and Frank, wedding at Villa Grabau

In the beautiful Villa Grabau, facing the water lily fountain in the magnificent lemon garden, Sasha and Frank have promised themselves eternal love.

For the occasion, their guests arrived from half the world.

The talented singer Emma Morton accompanied by The Graces first underlined the ceremony and then the aperitif that took place in front of the facade of the villa.

The dinner was held in front of the lemon grove, one of the most loved places of Villa Grabau and for the occasion the beautiful Sasha made a change of dress, from a mermaid with an important bow on the back to the one worn by the mother for her marriage, an elegant dress covered with ivory lace.

The outdoor dinner, framed by rows of string lights that helped create a warm and relaxed atmosphere, was made special by some speeches made by parents and spouses.

The after dinner in the lemon house was super fun and accompanied by a live band and then a very good DJ.

There were special cocktails, a real passion for the couple, and the Hava Nagila with the bride and groom on the chairs, typical of Jewish weddings.

As small favors, small bottles of oil were produced by Sasha’s family, to underline the special bond of the family with Tuscany and Lucca in particular.

The wonderful photographs are by Cinzia Bruschini and the video by Emotional Movie.